Have you known that paper cups belong to the most effective advertising panels?

Eurocup Hungary Kft. is currently the only paper cup producer in Hungary. Our Company offers unique offers on the market, to fulfill the customers’ needs. Get to know our products and ask for an individual offer!

The use of paper cups is very various

We mostly see paper cups in cafés, fast food restaurants and cinemas, when we order hot or cold beverages. But it also has an increasing role as packaging in the food industry, since it’s practical, light and easy to print on. You can already see examples of ice cream, yoghurt and other dairy products in paper cups on the shelves of foreign food shops.

We also attach great value to environment protection

Paper cups are very popular, because they are much more environment-friendly, than their predecessors – cups out of polystyrene and polypropylene.

Why you should choose EUROCUP paper cups

Our products are elegant, functional and economical

Our company is extraordinarily customer focused

We also accept orders for small amounts of individual products

We accept short term orders and have low delivery charges


In order to deliver as fast as possible we have products in different colors, sizes and with different printings or additional products in stock. Our customers can regularly benefit from campaigns and reductions. Our paper cups are tested, reliable products out of proven recourses.
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In case you prefer customized paper cups, fitting your corporate design, we are the right company for you! We produce high quality paper cups within short time, with individual stampings and prints. You can order different sizes and different prints at the same time.
Learn more about individual production or send us your idea and we shortly put together your personal offer.

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Frequently asked questions

How much time do individual orders need?

Usually individual makings take 14 to 20 days from the release of the graphics. The exact duration depends on the utilization of the machines and the graphics’ colors. We inform about the approximate production and delivery times in our offers and after the order.

In which format do the graphics have to be sent?

At the order we send you the dimensioning and size of the cups, just as all information you need to prepare the graphics. See our graphics assistance.

Can I get help with the graphics, if I don’t have any?

In case you don’t have a graphic designer, we gladly offer you our services for the price of 12.000.-/graphics/cup size +VAT.

Satisfied customers

We are proud, that we have already worked with numerous well-known companies. We hope to call you our customer as well, soon!

Have we awoken your interest?

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