Order individually made products according to your ideas

The advantage of individual productions

Our individual products give your company a professional appearance

Paper cups are also a perfect advertising panel

Even here environmental protection is important for us

Process of individual orders


Request for proposal

You can ask for offers via phone, email or even in person. Please state the desired size, performance and quantity. Our colleagues gladly help you with professional help and advice.


The elevation plans can be made according the format. For this you can download the printing assistant. We gladly plan the graphics if needed.


After finishing the plans go to printing. Then by stamping we finalize the product.



During the production our cups get tested several times. For hygienic reasons the cups already tested get instantly wrapped in polyethylene tubes and HLP boxes after coming out of the machines.


We can deliver the completed products on request.

Frequently asked questions

How much time do individual orders need?

Usually individual makings take 14 to 20 days from the release of the graphics. The exact duration depends on the utilization of the machines and the graphics’ colors. We inform about the approximate production and delivery times in our offers and after the order.

In which format do the graphics have to be sent?

At the order we send you the dimensioning and size of the cups, just as all information you need to prepare the graphics. See our graphics assistance.

Can I get help with the graphics, if I don’t have any?

In case you don’t have a graphic designer, we gladly offer you our services for the price of 12.000.-/graphics/cup size +VAT.

Have we awoken you interest?

Let us know which products you need and we shortly send you our offer!

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