Paper cups

You mostly see paper cups in cafés, fast food restaurants or cinemas, when you buy cold or hot beverages. But they also gain on importance in the food industry, since they are practical, light and easy to print on. The EUROCUP paper cups represent excellent quality on the domestic market.


Our paper cups come in a big selection and with different volumes, from 1 dl to 5 dl. You find the following volumes in our constant stock: 100 / 180 / 220 / 350 / 450 ml.

Basic materials

We produce our paper cups mostly out of a certain cardboard. The basic material is a pulp cardboard and gets a layer of polyethylene to make it durable. This layer is important to avoid the material to absorb the liquid, instead it can hold it. The cardboard with the polyethylene layer on one side is mainly used for hot beverages (tee, coffee, hot chocolate) but it’s also suitable for cold ones.
Paper cups spread very fast, because they are more environmental friendly, than their predecessors – plastic cups out of polystyrene and polypropylene.

Tests und quality controls

During the production our cups get tested several times. For hygienic reasons, the cups already tested get instantly wrapped in polyethylene tubes and HLP boxes after coming out machines.

Our printing technique

Modern production techniques allow us to give the cups’ cover an individual design with graphics, imprints and an environmental friendly coloring. We mainly print with offset technology, which is more economical and provides a better quality than flexo printing.

Order quantities

In Europe the most producers work with technologies of high capacity, which require order quantities of at least 100.000. Our company already produces individual orders of 5.000 pieces of 100% covered paper cups. It also happens often, that we give orders of 2-3 thousand an individual touch by pad printing or sieving process.

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