Terms of Condition

Tax identification number: 12408931-2-43
Registered office: 1212 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos u. 106/a. IX/27.
Representative: Mérai János
as Provider (Hereinafter: Provider)

I. Contractual object

1.) The provider produces paper cups for the customer based on the customer’s order.

2.) The customer can order
a.) via E-mail on sales@eurocup.hu , or
b.) with the order form, made for this purpose, personally handed over to the producer.

3.) The customer is obliged to provide an email address and a phone number, where he receives the written notifications from the producer. The contracting parties agree that orders, confirmations, changes and complaints within the agreements are only possible in written form.

4.) The provider places paper cup samples at the customer’s disposal upon request, to enable the testing of the product.

5.) If the customer doesn’t require samples, the provider can’t accept any complaints in retrospect.

6.) The graphic material is made by the customer, in the certain format and workmanship, required by the printer.

7.) If the graphic is made by the provider, the customer is obliged to accept it in written form. The provider is entitled to claim a prepayment for graphics made by him.

8.) The provider is obliged to deliver the graphic to the printing plan in a state ready for printing. In accordance to this the customer is obliged to inform the provider about possible change requests or questions according the graphics in written form.

9.) The graphic – or possible corrections or changes – has to arrive at the provider 2 days prior the confirmed printing date, to ensure that the printing plan can prepare the appropriate production process.

10.) In case of possible corrections or changes the customer is obliged to send these to the above-named email address within a reasonable time, so that the provider can act according point 9.). Should the printing deadline be exceeded, the provider can’t accept any complaints in retrospect.

11.) The provider undertakes to inform the customer regularly about each problem concerning the production or delivery.

12.) The provider enables an inspection of his services in the printing plan to a certain date, arranged in advance, just as in his own production facility, the warehouse or in other production areas, including a sample taking.

13.) Furthermore the provider places information about the results of his own control procedures concerning the production areas, production processes and materials at disposal.

II. Delivery periods

The provider predicates the delivery periods on the receipt of the graphics, the prepayment and the technical conditions of the machine series. In every case he will determine date agreed with the customer in advance as the delivery dates. The customer is obliged to ensure the transport of the product.

III. Contractual period

1.) The contracting parties conclude the contract for a limited time, which begins on the day of the order confirmation and ends with the delivery of the product.

2.) The payable amount after the actually produced quantity gets charged after finishing the production process. Production: ± 10%, which the customer accepts with the.

IV. Liability for errors

1.) The provider undertakes that the quality of the paper cups delivered by him complies with the agreement in Point 1 of the contract.

2.) The provider assumes no liability for an error of the basic materials. Errors resulting from this reason will be complemented and corrected by the provider upon consultation.

3.) The customer accepts the size and volume of the cups with his order. The provider examines and checks the products regularly, also during the production process. During the production slight misalignments are possible, which can cause ~1-3% incorrect products. Based on the agreement of the contracting parties this doesn’t count as incorrect fulfillment by the provider.

4.) After the printing starts, the customer authorizes the first printed version with his signature. In case no one is on the spot to sign, the provider assumes no liability for print errors.

5.) The provider makes the customer aware, that some odor of the paint can appear. The more the graphics is filled, the more intense the tones are – even with the most odorless colors, which the printing plan uses. No coloring gets into the inside of the cup, possible odors can only be scented on the outside.

6.) The products have a SGS certificate, which the provider places at the customers’ disposal upon request. The provider assumes no liability for defects in the product arising after the delivery to the customer.

7.) The customer is obliged to inform about possible errors in written form. The customer is obliged to control and check the goods taken over. The provider assumes no liability for errors caused by wrong use by the customer.

V. Price

The products’ price is determined by an individual offer.

VI. Invoice

The provider issues a deposit invoice according the agreement and after the payment an end calculation. The total of the end calculation includes the amount of the paid deposit invoice.

The deposit invoice covers 50% of the calculated (according the order) end amount.

VII. Terms of payment

1.) According the prepayment and end calculation the provider is obliged to fulfill the prepayment within 8 (eight) days, and the sum of the end calculation before the product delivery.

2.) In case of a default in prepayment, the delivery date gets postponed by the same period of time then the default. In case of a default in payment of the end calculation the provider has the right to charge additional default expenses. The contracting parties mutually agree about the sum of the default costs, which are double of the possible bank interest.

VIII. Landfill, storage

1.) The customer is obliged to take the delivery immediately after getting informed about the production, to cart it off at his own expenses, end to settle the end calculation.

2.) The provider is willing to store the ware for fourteen (14) days free of charge after prior consultation. The payment period won’t be prolonged though. After the expiration of this term the provider charges store costs of 1200,- day/palette +VAT

IX. Miscellaneous

1-.) The contracting parties are obliged to resolve any contract based issues and questions primarily peacefully.

2-.) Shouldn’t they find accordance in certain questions after all, they are a subject to the jurisdiction of the district court of Budapest XX. XXI and XXIII.

3.) In any unsolved questions of this contract or in all written documents between the contracting parties the legal guidelines of the Civil Code are relevant.

4.) The customer accepts all contractual terms with his signature and builds a part of the contracting parties of written agreements along with corrections, which contain the will of the contractual parties.

Budapest, 28.09.2017

Eurocup Hungary Kft.
János Mérai
Managing director

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